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Starting from: 489,00 €
The Sentinel system is designed for riders who like the Compstick’s simplistic and rugged design...
Starting from: 949,00 €
• Surf and foil with the same board  • The perfect choice for traveling  • Brings...
Starting from: 99,00 €
Set of three Slingshot 2016 surf straps and mounting hardware.
Starting from: 49,00 €
Replacement fuselage for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 159,00 €
One ride on the Dually and you’ll never want to go back to regular footpads again. Designed to fit...
Starting from: 699,00 €
• Stout, stable and buoyant: User-friendly board for all abilities  • Great option for entry...
Starting from: 69,00 €
Provides support and safety for your foiling  • Perfect learning tool for entry-level...
Starting from: 44,00 €
Hardware pack for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 489,00 €
f you’re searching for 100% freedom on the water, the Response is your answer. It’s a legendary...
Starting from: 899,00 €
• Advanced board built for speed and efficiency  • Super light all-carbon construction...
Starting from: 62,00 €
Replacement pedestal/top plate for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 999,00 €
From relaxing summer days on the beach with family and friends to backcountry adventures in...
Starting from: 699,00 €
• Great all-around foil board for every condition  • Light weight, durable Slingshot...
Starting from: 399,00 €
Replacement front wing for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 119,00 €
Slingshot’s lineup for 2017 paddle is a rugged and adjustable paddle that separates into three...
Starting from: 699,00 €
• Low-profile skate-style shape for advanced foil performance  • Concaved deck for agile...
Starting from: 99,00 €
Replacement rear/back wing for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 1 639,00 €
 Slingshot’s flagship freeride-freestyle crossover kite  • Open-C canopy a versatile...