JN Pacemaker 142

A board, which suits wakestyle and freestyle, riding both with wake bindings or strapped, depending on your conditions. Flexible tips, with a tapered outline help riders to control their speed and pop precisely, making intermediate tricks, through to technical handlepasses a breeze.

768,00 €

460,00 €

JN Wild Thing 6 / 10 qm Kite only

Being focused on one style is good, but serving some styles is even better.  With our  JN 3 D approach,  the hybrid shape for  4&5 lines,   we focused on more performance orientated Wild Thing than ever. The 6th generation of the Wild Thing provides  an even faster turning, strong static pull, powerful lift and enhanced low wind performance. The Wild Thing benefits from the rich innovative features from JN, like Perfect Round Arc Shape combined with the best materials available to the industry. 
We accepted no compromise in quality. 

1.395,00 €

620,00 €

HQ Montana IX komplett in 10 qm

Stabil, direkt, schnell und einfach nur krass – für euch Freerider und Freestyler gemacht, um richtig zu rocken. Du willst den Punch fühlen, wenn du mit der Bar arbeitest, dich der Schirm nach oben katapultiert und nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit wieder absetzt? All diese Eigenschaften haben wir in der Montana vereint und für dich einen Snowkite gebaut, der alles mitbringt, um aus jeder deiner Sessions ein perfektes Erlebnis zu machen.

1.245,00 €

480,00 €

Player 5´4

Our Wave-New School Freestyle board will support you advancing in medium winds between 15 and 35 knots. With five FCS fin boxes you can choose a traditional or thruster set up, while riding quad fin setup offers better upwind performance and sharper turns and powered faster riding.

This board is perfect for experienced riders who want to push their level in strapless riding in medium wind conditions

998,00 €

595,00 €

JN Randas 13 qm komplett

The revised new generation of our Open Cell Kite, Randas continues the success of it’s predecessor. Excellent lift and hang time potential, as well as tight and dynamic manoeuvrability and stable flight performance setting new standards on snow or land. The huge lift and hang time potential, the tight, dynamic turning and the stable, excellent flying performance set new standards on hard surfaces. 

1.359,00 €

725,00 €

Slingshot Hoverglide Rear Wing

125,00 €

86,00 €

Slingshot Aluminium 30Mast

89,00 €

64,00 €

Slingshot Hoverglide Fuselage 2016 61cm

124,00 €

86,00 €

Slingshot Hoverglide Frontwing

499,00 €

280,00 €