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Scout 3

305,00 €


+ Description and Overview 

The all-new HQ Scout 3 (III) will set a new standard for stable and beginner friendly performance.
The innovative X-Over control system has been incorporated into the kite bridle, allowing for a cleaner, simplified control bar making it the ideal kite to enter the world of snowkiting and landboarding. 
At the same time, it excels as a kiteboarding trainer kite on land. The brand-new X-over safety bar system offers ultimate safety and a complete new feel of bar flying. 

Because the brake lines are actively used, the kite feels like being flown on quad handles. The increased performance accelerates the learning curve dramatically. 
The HQ Scout 3 (III) is also the combined result of customer feedback and continuous testing at all the HQ training centres worldwide. 
The HQ Scout 3 (III) has created a kite specifically designed to meet the needs of any power-kiting enthusiast, be it kite landboarding, snow kiting or general traction kiting. 

The HQ Scout 3 (III) will allow the beginner to progress further, faster and safer and still delivers more than enough performance to keep intermediate flyers content.

The HQ Scout 3 (III) provides the utmost safety on a control bar for easy access to powerkiting, landboarding and snowkiting:

+ Manufacturer 

HQ Powerkites

HQ Kites & Designs USA. HQ Kites has been making high quality Single line Kites, Sport Kites, Powerkites and durable outdoor Wind Spinners for over 20 years.