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RG 3.0 Bar

395,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

Continuing on the success of the innovative "Carrot Bar" kite control system, Wainman Hawaii focused on quality, material refinements and ease of use to provide riders the perfect fusion of safety, simplicity and superb "feel" in flight with the RG 3.0 Bar.
Boasting a new and improved quick release, we also reduced and replaced both hard and heavy components with extra soft, durable and protective materials.
This has resulted in one of the safest, robust, and ergonomic bars in the industry, which offers several options for setup to match every riders need.

+ Product Features: 
  • 4 Line simplicity

  • 100% Safety with multiple setup options

  • Swivel with ceramic bearing

  • Relaunch balls

  • Above the Bar depower

  • Push away quick release

+ Manufacturer 


Wainman Hawaii is an international water-sports company based in Maui, Hawaii, with our main sales offices in Florida, Europe and production facilities all over the world.