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699,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

A board which fits all wakestyle and freestyle conditions. It has a light rocker, and slight concave for early planing, and will get you upwind fast. The edge has plenty of grip when overpowered and finding the right pop for your jumps is easy. Flexible tips, with a tapered outline help riders to control their speed and pop precisely, making intermediate tricks a breeze. The wood core makes the board extremely robust and stable.

+ Product Features: 
  • Paulownia Wood Core, Triaxial Fiber Glass Construction and Reinforced Edge, Framed with a 3mm ABS Sidewall, High End Injection Fins, Compatible with Pads & Straps and Wake Bindings

+ Manufacturer 

JN Kitesports

JN Kites was founded by Bernhard Jochum and Michael Nester. Both had industry experience at Cabrinha and North before breaking off to start their own company in 2003. Based out of Merano, Spain, JN kites are now available in North America.