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Nammu 5.5

899,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

The Nammu 5.5 freeride/freesyle fish is a light weight board with a extra big volume of 27 liters for great light wind sessions. It has a compact size of 5'5 x 21. The ability to go upwind very easily makes for perfect light wind sessions. It is also very well suited for strapless freestyle and waves. With five FCS fin boxes, you can choose a traditional thruster set up (3 fins), or ride a quad fin for even better upwind performance, sharper turns and more powered up faster riding. This alround board is perfect for everybody, from beginer to strapless freestyler. It's designed to have fun in all kind of conditions.

+ Product Features: 
  • EPS High Density Pressurised Core, Bamboo Laminate sandwich construction both on the deck and base, Extra reinforced step area, Triaxial glass, Premium epoxy resin, Unidirectional full length wood stringer for maximum strength, Exceptional strength to weight ratio, FCS fins and inbox units, Gloss Lacquer Finish

+ Manufacturer 

JN Kitesports

JN Kites was founded by Bernhard Jochum and Michael Nester. Both had industry experience at Cabrinha and North before breaking off to start their own company in 2003. Based out of Merano, Spain, JN kites are now available in North America.