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+ Description and Overview 

If kiting is not yet an option. Comforts you in all conditions and allows an entry into wave riding. Sporting function, durability and of core JN art design.Shape made in-house by JN in a 2 layer construction, well reinforced. You might use it for some low wind kiting too. 

+ Product Features: 
  • Comforts 3 Back Fins (2 fix, 1 removable), Comfortable Strong Travel Net on Board Tip and Tail Area

+ Manufacturer 

JN Kitesports

JN Kites was founded by Bernhard Jochum and Michael Nester. Both had industry experience at Cabrinha and North before breaking off to start their own company in 2003. Based out of Merano, Spain, JN kites are now available in North America.