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Joke Pro

595,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

"High rocker, kite & cable wakestyle high performance board" 
The all-new JOKE PRO board is hybrid board that excels with a kite and at the cable park, with all the advantages of the popular and award-winning JOKE. The board was designed for the wakestyle connoisseur that needs to get his/her fix when there is not enough wind for training.
The JOKE PRO board has a more dynamic flex pattern thank the JOKE that is required for cable park performance.  Similarly, the board has the same ‘3D’ bottom shape that is the signature of the JOKE, with a convex bubble placed on the center of the board. This provides soft and effortless landings allowing you to continue riding even after awkward positioning during landing. With a super durable construction, the board has a higher rocker line than the JOKE for optimal load/pop and reflex. This board is for the hard-core and dedicated wakestyle charger in the flats or hitting the sliders.
Niccolo Porcella, WH Pro Rider on the new Joke PRO: "The thing I love the most about the JOKE PRO is the fact that it works nearly perfect for both kiteboarding or wakeboarding behind the cable. It works great with and without fins, its awesome on the obstacles and it has an insane amount of pop. This is the one and only board I would travel with."

+ Product Features: 
  • 3D Bottom Shape

  • Progressive 3D Rocker

  • Double Deck Contouring

  • Channels

  • Light, Durable Custom Core Construction

  • Four Option Inserts

+ Manufacturer 


Wainman Hawaii is an international water-sports company based in Maui, Hawaii, with our main sales offices in Florida, Europe and production facilities all over the world.