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GAMBLER Surfboard

990,00 €
Surfboard, Fins, Straps, Board Bag, Full Deck Pads
+ Description and Overview 

Gambler - new generation, wider profile, stable, suited for all conditions and riders.
Developed to be enjoyed for everyday, strapped or strapless fun riding, this board should be ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your classic surfboard. Designed for a more explosive riding style than the narrower and faster Magnum, Gambler's insane surf characteristics and unique rocker line allows for radical performance even in light winds. The magic aspect of this progressive modern shape is the thrill and excitement it delivers, even in conditions that are considered average.
A great choice for everyday fun with high performance capabilities.

+ Product Features: 
  • HD Costom Core Construction

  • Custom shape & performance

  • User Friendly with incredible stability

  • Performance in various conditions

  • Custom Fin Setup

  • Strapped or strapless riding

+ Manufacturer 


Wainman Hawaii is an international water-sports company based in Maui, Hawaii, with our main sales offices in Florida, Europe and production facilities all over the world.