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Aviator Seat Harness 2016

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99,95 €
58,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

Seat harness

+ Product Features: 
  • 3D moulded inner shape, Double density foam, Double power leash ring, Neoprene leg straps, Neoprene buckle covers, Integrated handle, Basic spreader | 2 point fixation, Spreader down

+ Manufacturer 


Follow your heart, push the boundaries and be on the water! At Mystic we feel it is important to follow your heart and dreams. Don’t take life too seriously and pay attention to things you love to do.

Mystic believes that kiteboarding, windsurfing, wake boarding and Stand Up Paddling is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. By creating an ever-expanding apparel and waterwear collection, Mystic now represents the watersport attitude and lifestyle in and out of the water.