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2018 Mixer

929,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

You’ll be slashing to your heart’s content with the Mixer’s quad-fin configuration and tail profile, which favors a more slashy back foot feel than a locked-in carve. The aggressive quad concave bottom profile helps channel water for speed and an early plane and provides grip and a locked-in feeling when laying into turns at speed. Large carbon stringer patches on the top and bottom give the board strength where it’s needed while keeping overall weight down. Additional carbon on the tail prevents edge cracking from heel impact.

+ Product Features: 
  • SIZES:

  • 5’6” X 19” X 2 2/5”

  • 5’8” X 19” X 2 1/3”

  • 5’10” X 19.5”” X 2 1/2"

  • Package Includes:MIXER SURFBOARD<, 4 X 4.75” ( 12 CM ) REACTOR FCSII FIN SET-UP

  • Highlights:

  • New shape for 2018

  • Hybrid high performance short board feel

  • Quad fin and tail shape yield strong back foot performance

  • Quad concave bottom provides grip on rail and locked in turns

  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability

+ Manufacturer 


Since 1981 Tony Logosz and his brother Jeff Logosz have dedicated themselves to the performance and design of quality water sports equipment. Years of hard work and innovation, that is spawned from Tony’s ability to think in original ways, is what fuels them today. In 1999, after numerous innovations in windsurfing, wakeboarding and other major sports, both set forth to found Slingshot. Since then Slingshot has grown to be a global brand which caters to top kiteboarders and wakeboarders in the world.