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2017 Maliko Carbon Elite 14'0"

3 099,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

Grown out of the success of its predecessor, the Maliko 14’0” Carbon Elite is now even faster and more forgiving than ever before. Catching and riding glides is a breeze thanks to the new beveled nose, which efficiently pierces through chop for effortless transitions between open ocean and rough water conditions. The beveled rail, raised rocker line and adjusted center rock creates a sizeable sweet spot for a more comfortable ride. Available in three width options, the smooth-gliding board offers accessibility, stability and chop-eating efficiency in changing ocean conditions. 
ATTENTION: Highly specialized equipment. Handle with care. 
Engineered for peak performance, this lightweight carbon construction is susceptible to breakage from excessive pressure or repetitive blows to the structure. Use caution when transporting and riding as such damage is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.  

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