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2017 Carbon Elite Harness

369,00 €
+ Description and Overview 

Locks in place, doesn’t ride up or shift from side to side 
• Spreads load evenly across back and torso 
• Allows full range of motion for uninhibited wave riding 
• Low-profile fit, doesn’t get in the way 
• Features hook and slider bars for different styles of riding 

If you’ve ever dealt with a harness that doesn’t fit properly, hurts your back, rides up too high, shifts from side to side, squeezes your waist under load or inhibits your range of motion, Ride Engine’s hard-shell harness is your problem solver.

The magic lies in Ride Engine’s innovative hard-shell design that locks firmly into your lumbar and spreads load evenly across your back and sides. Based on hundreds of custom molds taken from riders’ backs, the shell provides unrivaled ergonomics and allows for a low-profile, high-performance fit that will literally change your entire kiteboarding experience.

+ Product Features: 
  • Elite Series: The Elite Series harness features a super stiff and light weight carbon fiber shell that the rest of the harness is built around. For those who want the very best in high-performance materials and construction, this is the harness for you. When compared to the Hex Core model, the Carbon Elite is slightly stiffer, lighter and more durable. 

  • 2017 Updates: • Improved waist belt with reworked spreader bar integration system • Upgraded backplate stitching for increased durability • Neoprene added to the interior of the waistbelt for added comfort and cushion • Kite knife pocket added • New sizes added: XS through XXL now available

  • Features: • Hard-shell construction • Precision fit • Lumbar Lock • Low profile • Fusion foam • Integrated waist belt • Speed-loop closure • Kite knife pouch

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