JN Wild Wing


The JN (Wild) Wing in sizes of 6.2, 5.0, 4.2,  3.4 and 2.6m  are suitable for any style thanks to the dynamic JN concept.

Every size is respecting in profile  and handling the pysics of exponential increase of wind forces.

We use best industry approved fabrics  e.g. Canopy 3tripple ripp stop only and comply to sustainable  working and material  standards.

Relase of wings is planned for summer-autumn 2021.

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Import findings from the last 17 years of development for traction kites we could carry over into the construction of wings.

e.g. Floating batten, round 3 D shape avoiding seams, sewed in design instead of heavy prints , etc.

We offer

- Canopy and Dacron from newest x-time layered fabric, low  weight, low strech, high durability  ...

- Center Strut stiffened and reinforced allowing a more stable Canopy and improved handling.

- Elbow tip construction (TM) for maximised effective surface and ease of handling

- Separate comfort screw cap valves for  fast inflation/deflation of Leading Edge and Center Strut.

- All handles stiffened and with skin protection.

- Attachment points for Leash and Harness

Produced at highest standard and as sustainable as possible thanks to our outstanding industry partner


JN Wild Wing black/red

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JN Wild Wing black/orange

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JN Wild Wing orange/red

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