KIT M106 - W670 - S421 - FKR604 CARBON KITE RACE

The pinnacle of Sabfoil Racing Division: The K106-670 is specifically designed and built to be the highest performing kite race foil.

The 421 stabilizer is designed for those riders who want maximum stability and confidence while riding full speed downwind.

Every part of this foil is designed to reduce drag and produce the best possible hydrodynamic performance. Each detail is precisely tuned to maximize the highest ratio speed/angle while avoiding ventilation, thus providing superior stability and control even at the highest speed. The use of high modulus and high resistance carbon, characterized by a minimum elongation, is computer optimized for performance to have the stiffest and lowest torsion foil.

Every single component of the kit goes through two different quality and measurement checks, thus ensuring that each foil delivers identical performance. It's the first IKA registered 2020/2024.

Moses racing foils are made of high modulus carbon to ensure the highest rigidity and torsion resistance.

Microfractures on the mast caused by accidental collisions or by freestyle use of your race-specific foil can cause the mast to break suddenly. For this reason, we recommend checking the mast carefully after a collision before jumping with your Moses race foil.

KIT M106 - W670 - S421 - FKR604 CARBON KITE RACE

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