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About US

The Kiteshop Store first opened its doors in summer 1999 in Mondsee under the ownership of Hardy Brandstötter. Thanks to his media contacts Hardy was one of the first to spread the knowledge about snowkiting. Hardy can be named as one of the snowkiting pioneers in Europe. Through to his snowkite speed records and expeditions in Syberia he made the snowkite sport popular and known far beyond the boarders of Austria.

Snowkite School

By founding the Snowkiting School Austria  in the same year he paved the way for one of the leading kite sport company in the country. In 2005 Hardy founded the International Snowkiting Assosiation with his Swiss partners. 2007 Hardy launched the first speedflyer with the company JN-Kitesports and won the globally recongnized ISPO Brand New Award on the spot. Thanks to the stunts he performed in the media he must be named as one of the key factors for the success of this extreme sport.